The Livingston Line

​I have always loved making designs for paper. And that’s really how this little shop got started. For me there is a simply magical feeling of seeing my marks on paper. Whether I am feeling the pen or pencil on the paper or seeing my design hot off the printer. It is wonderfully satisfying. When I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I had learned to design and print professionally and I absolutely loved it! I was also trained in fabric and fiber arts, painting, and drawing. My creativity took off with these new polished skills. I needed someplace to share what I was creating with the world. My husband encouraged me to try an Etsy shop! And here we are.

My inspiration simply comes from what makes me happy, makes me laugh or makes me feel good. I like creating things that have a purpose or a place in our everyday lives. I believe the masterpieces you see in art museums or galleries, while amazing and awe-inspiring, tend to feel inaccessible to most people. I want my work, whether it’s embroidery or painting or card making, to connect with people by bringing unique beauty to their personal lives.

I generally work from the spare bedroom in our humble home here in Salisbury, Maryland. My big drafting table is where I paint and draw and my lovely thrift store desk is where I package and print. A lot of work also happens on the couch in our living room. Sitting next to my sweet husband, Kyle, I can embroider and work on digital designs for print. I am so thankful that he is so supportive! Sometimes the creative process can get a little messy, with designs, fabric, and paint spread all over the house, but Kyle has only encouragement for me. What a guy!

So, enjoy your visit to my outlet for creativity. I just like to make stuff.

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