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Hello there and thanks for visiting. I’m Caryn and I hope you enjoy my little blog here. I am a twenty-something originally from Virginia. Β While I have been artistically inclined since childhood I honed my skills and broadened my talents in college where I learned to produce artwork professionally and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I have always loved making designs for paper. For me there is a simply magical feeling when seeing my marks on paper. Whether I am feeling the pen or pencil on the paper or seeing my design hot off the printer. It is wonderfully satisfying. When I finished college I had learned to design and print professionally and I absolutely loved it. I was also trained in fabric and fiber arts, painting, and drawing. My creativity took off with these new polished skills. I needed someplace to share what I was creating with the world. My husband encouraged me to try an Etsy shop and that has turned out to be a wonderful space for my creativity.

I hope that this blog is an outlet for all types of creativity whether it’s writing, praying, cooking, organizing, whatever. I am a follower of Christ and I believe He has called me to a life of imitating him. One of the most unique and amazing characteristics about our God is his creativity. If you think about it, He is the only Creator. We only move the atoms and objects around, rearranging them. I believe in worshiping through my creativity.

I have been in church my whole life but it wasn’t until my junior year of college that it really sunk in. Everyone knew me as a goody-two-shoes. I always did the right thing. I got good grades, went to church, etc. And I almost never did the “bad” things. I didn’t smoke, do drugs, have premarital sex, curse, etc. One night in my junior year I heard a man speak about the amazing joy he had. He said that his life was full of joy because of Christ. Through this man’s talk I realized why my life had been missing this joy, despite having Christ in my life. I was doing all the good things because I thought I had to. I was trying to earn God’s approval as well as the world’s. Well that doesn’t work. Now my good deeds and clean living are done out of amazing gratitude. If someone gave their life to save yours wouldn’t you spend the rest of your life living to thank them? Yes. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

Also, we have two pet bunnies named Clem and Ellie! They’re our precious fur babies.

So, enjoy your visit to my outlet for creativity. I just like to make stuff. Visit my Etsy shop to support my art habit.



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