My #1 Secret to Making Legit Calligraphy On the Cheap


A calligraphy pen, nib and ink was on the supply list for one of my collegiate art classes, so I’ve been using them for a while now. Recently, I decided it was time to try out one of those brush markers that I’ve heard so much about. So I ordered a small pack of dual brush markers, made specifically for calligraphy. While these markers are nice, (seriously, they’re nice) I’ve found them difficult to learn to use (I’m going to keep practicing with them). Not to mention pricey with limited availability in storefronts.

You’re going to L O V E my solution to the brush marker problem, I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner:


Yes. Crayola markers work just as well as those fancy shmancy calligraphy markers. And you know what? You can find them basically anywhere and I got a pack of 50 markers for less than $7.

Now that your mind is blown with this amazing news I’m sure you want to know exactly how these normal markers, that aren’t special at all, can possibly create the beautiful letters you see here. Well, I’ll show you, my dears! This is the absolute perfect thing to try if you’re a beginner trying to get into calligraphy.  I use these a lot but for my business products I stick to the traditional ink and nib method.

I use Crayola Super Tip markers. These have a fairly firm, pointy tip but a flexible base close to the plastic holder. What makes these easier to use (in my opinion and especially for beginners) is that the tip of the marker is much shorter and firmer. This means that it doesn’t wobble as much when you’re trying to barely touch the paper to make your fine lines and up strokes.

Just like with a “legit” calligraphy marker, you’ll barely touch the paper with the tip of the marker when making upward strokes on your letters and then press down with the wide side of the marker to create thick downward strokes. Like this:

P1090573        P1090575

That’s it! The only downside to these markers is the short tip doesn’t allow you to write super big. But why would ever really need to write bigger than 2 inch high letters?! This trick will make addressing your letters, Christmas cards, birthday cards, heck even your bill payments, a lot more fun.

Follow me on Instagram @thelivingstonline and show me how your lettering turns out!

Incase you’re wondering, Crayola did not sponsor this post and I am not affiliated with them in any way whatsoever.

Like I previously stated, personally, I only use Crayola for fun stuff, practice or sketches. I never sell anything through my business that I’ve made using Crayola markers because they’re totally not professional tools.


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