From Start to Almost Finished

P1090479Today I’m sharing a small look at the steps I go through when creating a greeting card design. The process is rarely quick and easy, unless I’ve just had a massive stroke of genius. It takes a lot of work to get from “idea” to “print.” Here, I’ll show you where I started with this design for an alternative wedding card and what the final design looks like.

I keep a small notebook with me at all times so that I can write down ideas whenever they hit me. Sometimes I’m sitting in church or watching Netflix or even out at a restaurant when inspiration comes. Often, I make a note with words describing my idea first, then later I might make a doodle next to it. Write down everything! You never know what may come of it.

P1090481        P1090482

The design takes shape as I draw or write over and over again, making changes and trying out different arrangements. It can be easier when you’re working out a design if you draw in a lighter color then make changes in darker colors. You can see below I started with red ink for my lettering. I made alterations in blue and then black right over the red ink so that I didn’t have to draw everything all over again.


Once the painting is done it gets scanned along with the lettering. When I have the images in my computer I can touch up any imperfections or adjust coloring.


The final step is to send my file to the professional printing company that I work with! It is such a thrill to see my little scribbles transform and come out polished and ready for the world to enjoy!


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