Mrs. Adams’s Famous Traveling Ham Biscuits

P1090464You’ve probably seen a recipe similar to this one. Whether it was on Pinterest, another blog or a cookbook. But I promise: this one is better. I’m so excited that I’ve finally prepared this recipe to share with you! The first time I made it for a group of my friends they begged me for the recipe but it’s one of those that you’ve made so many times you just kind of eyeball all of the ingredients and nothing is written down, you know what I mean? Well it’s finally been written down!

These ham biscuits are my mom’s go-to recipe for travel friendly food. Need a meal to eat at the ball game? Ham biscuits. Need lunch for an eight hour car ride? Ham biscuits. I remember being so excited when I saw Mom in the kitchen preparing ham biscuits for the next day’s adventures. They’re just that good.

While my mom mainly used these as a super convenient travel meal I’ve made them many times when I needed to feed a crowd. So from Mrs. Adams’s kitchen (my momma), to mine, to yours, I hope you enjoy!

Mrs. Adams’s Famous Traveling Ham Biscuits


•1 lb Fresh thinly sliced deli ham

•1/2 lb Fresh thinly sliced Swiss cheese

•2 dozen King’s Hawaiian rolls

•1 stick softened butter

•1 TBS Poppy seeds

•2 TBS Worcestershire sauce

•2 TBS Yellow mustard

•You’ll also need foil and wax or parchment paper

By hand or by mixer, combine the softened butter, poppy seeds, Worcestershire sauce, and yellow mustard in a small bowl.

Do not separate the rolls! First, using a large bread knife cut each dozen in half parallel with your cutting surface. You should now have a rectangle of roll tops and a rectangle of roll bottoms for each dozen. Spread the butter mixture on the inside of each rectangle of bread.

Put the bread bottoms on a piece of wax/parchment paper. (The paper will make it much easier to move your biscuits once they’re put together and it will also keep the bottoms from sticking and burning.) Next divide your ham and cheese in half so you have an equal amount for each dozen biscuits. Take one piece of ham at a time, fold it in half and lay it on the biscuit bottoms on top of the butter. Put the straight, folded edge of the ham pieces along the edges so that you have full coverage of the bread. Folding also helps create a more light and airy texture instead of a hard stack of meat. Continue until the bread bottom is evenly covered then cover with the cheese slices.

Put the rectangle of biscuit tops on top of the cheese so that you now have a sandwich. Then, use your large bread knife to cut the rows of biscuits to separate them. Pick up the separated biscuits using the wax/parchment paper underneath them so they all stay together and set it down on a long piece of foil. The foil should large enough to completely wrap around the biscuits. Fold the foil up on all sides, creating a tight packet around the dozen biscuits.

Finally, place on your middle oven rack and cook in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes. Both cooked and uncooked ham biscuits keep well for a few days.


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