Printable Gift Tags

P1090279More things for you to print!…I might be obsessed with the convenience of these. Originally I was not a fan of “print this yourself at home” because I knew the quality was so much lower than what I got from a professional printer. However, I have since discovered that if I set my printer to what is truly the highest quality setting it can produce some excellent results which are really brilliant especially for the convenience of printing at home.

It is also very easy for you to download the file you want to print and then either upload it to a printing website like FedEx Office or put it on a flash drive and take it to FedEx to have them print there for you. This would be great because it costs less than $1.00 to print something there and you get a good quality print.

Anyway, I designed these gift tags because I wanted something cute and small to stick on gifts. “For you my dear” is my favorite because I love that chunky calligraphy. My husband likes the “Just for you” with the border. They’re just a cute little something to make your gift-giving a little nicer!



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