Your Soul Will Always Remember



Last week I had a glorious snow day and was able to finally complete this little gem. If you’ve been fortunate enough to know the love of a pet you have been truly blessed for they are gifts from God to be sure. I wish our friends could stay with us forever. Growing up, my family had a pup named Sweetie. She was such a part of our family that we loved her like a sister. We lost her two years ago after loving her for 12 years. I tried to put on a brave face for my two younger sisters but sometimes I feel like it hit me the hardest of all.

Having lost a dear pet of my own I understand what you go through. I know that it can be hard to express sympathy for a friend who has lost a pet. This card is a way to make expressing that a little easier. I know that when my family was dealing with our loss cards like this would have meant so much to us. Just to know that our friends understood that we were grieving and they were thinking about us. I truly believe that in my core-in my soul, I will always remember Sweetie’s love for me and my love for her, our love as a family.


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