Rustic Wedding Thank You Cards

"Rustic Thank You Cards"
“Rustic Thank You Cards”

A new addition to our collection of wedding designs! I love the idea of customizing as much as possible for your big day.Β The loveliest of “thank you” cards to send your wedding guests and gift-givers! Beautiful hand-drawn lettering textured with the rustic wooden background and your own wedding date.

This design went through so many stages before it was complete! It took me nearly a month from start to finish to get it to where it was ready for you. My sketchbook has at least 10 pages filled with practice lettering compositions for this phrase! After so much work and rework it’s so exciting for me when I finally get to share my designs with you. The next exciting part comes when someone loves this enough to want to include it in their wedding! I feel so truly honored when I can be a part of your special day.

If you like what you see and want to look at prices please visit my shop page.


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