New Crazy Coffee Lady Tote

The latest addition to The Livingston Line
The latest addition to The Livingston Line

I’ll admit it, I’m a “crazy coffee lady.” You know the type. A startling collection of coffee mugs and daily trips to get the latest, hottest brew. Much like the well-known crazy cat lady, my love for coffee is quite extreme. My husband says I have a problem. I prefer to think of it as having a passion. I just really enjoy coffee, okay? And I know a lot of my friends and family do as well. So I thought this would be a great way of expressing that. What a cute, practical way to let the world know you’re not ashamed of your obsession?! To declare to other coffee lovers that we are not alone!…Or ya know, just something cute and funny that makes you smile and holds your stuff.

Anyway! It’s the latest addition to The Livingston Line on Etsy. The perfect gift for that hipster, coffeeaholic in your life with way too many coffee mugs.


7 thoughts on “New Crazy Coffee Lady Tote

  1. I’m the same way. For some reason I buy coffee mugs every chance I get. You only need one, but they always have cool ones I can’t help myself. Lol

      1. Yep! Sounds like me! Every time I go to Marshalls or a thrift store, I always look at the mugs! How do you like your coffee? I’m trying to tweak mine to be a little healthier but no luck.

      2. Oh yes I love Marshalls too. I like it fairly strong. When I make it at home I like just a flavored creamer like coffeemate snickerdoodle or pumpkin pie spice. When I get it from my favorite local place I get it half caff with only caramel flavoring. It’s perfectly balanced and just sweet enough for me that way but I haven’t been able to duplicate that at home. How about you?

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