Crazy Healthy Ranch Dip!

RanchDipPlease believe me when I say that this is life changing. Oh. My. Goodness. I only wish I had thought of this sooner! The other night I had half a cucumber as a snack and dipped my slices in ranch dressing. I was thinking man I wish this salad dressing was healthier because it’s actually ruining my healthy cucumbers. The next day the answer came to me: yogurt. So that’s exactly what I did tonight. I got a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix but instead of mixing the powdered seasoning with sour cream like the instructions say, I mixed it with Oikos Plain Greek yogurt. It is absolutely delicious. I can’t taste a difference. Just in case you don’t know exactly how major this is I’ve got a nice little comparison chart for you.


You can already see a great difference right?! I know it’s hard to compare the yogurt because the serving size is different. There are 16 TBS in a cup so I divided it out and added everything together for the ingredients you’d use for the dip and this is what you get.


You get less than one third of the calories, no fat, half the carbs, almost no cholesterol and good protein. I am so excited about this! Eating my veggies and dip just got even healthier and tastier.


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