My In-Home Studio


We went to Goodwill looking for something that we didn’t find. I did, however, find a bookshelf to replace the one that was falling apart and this gorgeous desk! My husband was not completely pleased but as always, he sighed and said,”Will it make you happy?” I grinned ear to ear and nodded. So we went home with two more pieces of furniture. I spent the whole day rearranging the guest bedroom that I use as an in-home studio. I loved seeing my husband’s face when he saw my new desk in its new home. He was so happy just because I was happy. We embraced and hugged and it was a lovely moment. 


I just love my little desk from Goodwill. It’s the perfect spot for packaging the orders for my Etsy shop. This is also where I print shipping labels and write a personal note for each of my customers. I really am so happy and grateful for each person who buys from me.


I love having the desk for my small business. Right next to the desk is my drafting table where most of the art gets created. The drafting table is unique because it’s not perfectly level. It’s intentionally slanted forward which makes it a little easier for drawing and painting. I’ve had that drafting table for years, a Christmas gift from family. It’s been with me at my parents’ house, away at college and now in my own home with my husband. 

So that’s my tiny in-home studio. I’m so glad that I have this space to work in!




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