Fancy Printable Cards & Envelope


Recently I’ve been into making printables. Files that you can purchase and download instantly then print for yourself. I like making these because they’re helpful to me, so I figure they might be helpful to other people too. This weekend I needed a simple card for a bachelorette party gift. This gave birth to the “woohoo” card. Since there’s room to print two cards per page I thought a “congrats” card would also be something helpful to have on hand. It’s nice to be able to send a congratulatory note to someone for anything at all. For example, my best friend lives pretty far away and just got a job that’s basically a dream job. I’m so proud and happy for her. So this little congrats card will be perfect to send to her.Β 

For the bachelorette card I also created a printable envelope! My bride-to-be friend felt pretty special when she saw this envelope. The hand-written lettering of these cards and this envelope would make anyone feel extra special.

P1090108All of these items are available through my Etsy shop. I appreciate you taking a look!




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