The Honeymoon Sand Dollar


My darling husband and I were married just barely a year ago. Still very much newly-weds. After the wedding I saved so many treasures that I intended to transform into decorations for our new home together. Well life happened and a year later I still haven’t done half the things…okay, none. I’ve done none of the things I intended to do for decorating with wedding memorabilia. Until today! Alright, alright technically this is from the honeymoon, I know. But it’s still related progress. We honeymooned in the Outer Banks. One day we were walking along the beach, hardly another soul in sight. It was perfect. We were holding hands and chatting about beach things. Like how hard it is to find sand dollars. About thirty minutes later, boom. Sand dollar. I was so excited! I made sure it was kept safe all this time. What a great memento. Now it can be displayed! I got a simple shadow box frame, cut some paper to fit, made my little beach painting and tada! I love it. Now I just need my hubby to hang it on the wall.

My hubby also told me after I put this together that the sand dollar wasn’t exactly straight. He’s lived right next to the beach his whole life so he knows these things and I don’t. I decided to leave it crooked as a symbol of my newness to shore life. Years from now when I’m a beach expert like my husband I’ll look at our sand dollar and remember what it was like before I knew the ways of the shore. …or maybe I’ll remember how lazy I was for not adjusting it.


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