Why I’m Here

So I’m here for just a few reasons and really they’re all pretty selfish reasons…but oh well.

1. I do art.

I don’t limit myself by saying “I paint.” or “I write.” or “I animate.” or “I crochet.” I do it all. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and when I went through all of that I had to take classes in ceramics, painting, drawing, animation, fibers, etc. So I’ve done a bit of everything and I do whatever I feel is best. 

2. I like writing.

I think I’m decent at it. I enjoy putting my thoughts down. When I pray I write it down like a letter to God. Before I was married I wrote a journal that was a collection of entries written to my future husband. On our wedding day I gave him the journal as a gift and later we read it together. It was adorable and mushy. 

3. I have stuff I want to promote.

I have a little shop on Etsy where I sell some of the art that I make. Most of the stuff on there I made for the public, intending to sell it. I have a ton more art that I might share on this blog that is more personal and probably no one would want to buy. There are other things to promote too such as websites that I like, my own views/opinions, other artists, etc.


That’s pretty much it. I think something like this will be good for me… hopefully. Image

“Let’s try not to figure out everything at once.”


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